Bullying …is also Fatphobic.

The way  which many face the Fatphobic Bullying or cyberbullying, saying “let them laugh” denotes the ease with which the teasing of fat and obesity is addressed. Too many people think they know enough to be able to have their opinion, never having studied this thing seriously.

This last “stronghold” of  the discrimination, so solid as not recognized as it, mekes irreparable damage on mental and physical health of the bullyed.

It is also considered among the contributing causes of the most common eating disorders: bulimia and anorexia.
The work of well-informed activists, Doctors and Professionals, clashes with popular beliefs fomented by scientific dishonesty and malpractice.

We struggle to break down prejudices, because the principle of culpability of those who have an excess in body fat or suffer from obesity, underlying the misunderstanding on which most people base their criticisms (if you are fat is your own fault).

The “principle of personal and guilt” is the basis of the popular beliefs and judgements (often fomented by some so called ‘authority’) that legitimize the Fatphobic bullying so widespread and universally accepted until it loses the characteristics of bullying and assume the normal relationship mode, the Diet Culture thank for it.

A good reading on this in Italian language is the Book “P (r) eso di Mira” by Francesco Baggiani, first one in Italy, writing about the discrimination based on weight wich unfortunately
has a solid foundation, to be understood and fought with honesty and determination, like any other form of discrimination.

yours, Samantha.

The Book available here: http://www.edizioniclichy.it/index.php?file=scheda_libro&id_pubblicazione=103

imagine from : Anti Bullying Pro http://www.antibullyingpro.com/anti-bullying-research/



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