The Drawn Body, be a model for painters is something different.

One of the most exciting things I do in my path as an artist and Bodypositive activist is to be a model for painters.
Stand naked and motionless for several hours with a group of people who observe, measure, draw your body. An activity with which I’m familiar for having an artistic education in art schools and schools of sculpture.

It helps to reinforce the perception of ourselves (of our self incarnate, body) and self-esteem.

The painter do not judge the body, he simply draw it, as it were an object. This is part of the Naked genre, draw human bodies as if they were structures or objects, without judgment, is also one of Cezanne’s teachings.

(Drawings by Daniel Espen, Alessandro Alghisi and Bruna Gelpi)
A painter told me yesterday “How beautiful you are, just beautiful!” And I smiled thinking “I know!” I’m not afraid to say that I feel beautiful. I see my naked body, the fat rolls that composes it, the skin sometimes pocked and I am calm, I do not feel ashamed even though I know that for many people, I should be ashamed. I’m fine in this body of mine.


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